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Sofia, the current capital city of Bulgaria was established approximately seven thousand years ago. It lies on the footsteps of the beautiful Vitosha Mountain and after the political and economical changes in the country during the early 90's turned into a famous cosmopolitan capital in Europe. Similar to other large cities and capitals, Sofia is the centre of the political, cultural and economical life in Bulgaria. The city offers numerous international sporting and cultural events, as well as a wide choice of theatres, operas, concert halls, great museums and art galleries. Naturally, as a popular place for congresses, symposiums, business meetings, various conferences, as well as a starting point for travellers, Sofia has wide range of accommodation possibilities. From small guest houses and hostels to luxury hotels from the world's most renown chains in the very downtown. Currently, we along with our partners offer about 1 600 hotels in the city in the range 1 - 5 Stars! And for those who look out for comfort, and rest, there are many small private hotels in the city's surroundings and in the magnificent villages, situated at the first ranges of Vitosha, Lulin, Lozen and the Balkan Mountains. Many of those of course offer airport transfers and getting around is quite easy, especially with the ever-growing metro. Browse our selection of hotels in Sofia here!



Sofia will satisfy even the most demanding tastes in regard of shopping. World known trademarks, shops with designer clothes, small antique shops offering some unique items, art galleries, top quality jewellery and music shops, as well as traditional Bulgarian craft studios.
Foods and beverages in Sofia are also a delight. Most restaurants serve European and traditional Bulgarian dishes, but there are also many specialized in various other cuisines.
The night life in Sofia is typically European style and definitely an experienced not to be missed. Countless concert stages and halls, operas, theatres, dance, folk, jazz, rock clubs, casinos and piano bars are scattered throughout the city.

Sofia Bulgaria

NDK - National Palace Culture Sofia

Sofia Spa & Mineral Waters

Not many are the capital cities like Sofia that have such climatic and spa offerings. Thanks to its geographical location and mostly to its mineral springs, Sofia is a popular spa destination since centuries. Archeological information proves that the settlement dates back some 2000 years, initially inhabited by the Thracian tribe "Serdi". Later, Sofia's strategic location and mineral waters attracted the Romans who conquered it and turned it into flourishing city called Ulpia Serdika. On the territory of the city and the nearby areas are found about fifty hydro-mineral sources with various applications. Some of the not so highly mineralized waters, popular for daily use are divided into few regions, such as Sofia-centre, Knyazhevo, Gorna Banya, Bankya, Ovcha Kupel, etc. The modern spa facilities in and around Sofia are very popular and of national importance since the 60's.


Probably, exactly the mineral springs in Sofia's downtown are one of the main reasons for establishment of this settlement and its development through the ages.
Gorna Banya is maybe the most popular spa center in the area. It is a district of Sofia on around ten kilometres from the city centre, situated on the slopes of Lulin Mt. at ~650 metres above the sea level. Thanks to the unique qualities of this water, Gorna Banya is one of the most used drinking mineral water brands in Bulgaria. It is also a preferred spa resort, providing a fantastic exposure and great view to the capital. Here is situated and the Specialized University Orthopedic Hospital for Active Treatment "prof. Boycho Boychev".
Bankya's bottled mineral water is also widely valued both in Bulgaria and abroad.

Sofia spa

Sofia Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Sofia National Stadium Vasil Levski

Sofia's National Stadium "Vasil Levski" is a modern, multifunctional installation and the largest one in Bulgaria. Its name derives from the name of the national hero from the Bulgarian Revival period - Vasil Levski and is located on the site of Borisova Garden in the center of the Bulgarian capital city. The stadium's capacity includes over 43 000 seats and a parking lot available to accommodate 2 500 vehicles. In the year 2002 it has been certified with four stars category by UEFA and FIFA standarts.


Along with the matches of the National Football Team and greatest football derbies in the country (such as LEVSKI - CSKA), the venue also hosts a number of international sport games.
In addition to the soccer ground, the installation also includes athletics' track and halls for various other sports such as boxing, fencing, basketball, aerobics, martial arts, as well as a recreational centre for people with disabilities. The football ground often hosts spectacular music shows of some of the most popular artists on the planet. In the past here performed starts like Rammstein, Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Madonna, Alice in Chains and many more. The stadium is regularly hosting and the Sonisphere Festival in Sofia. The venue is also home of the Museum of Physical Culture and Sports.

Another venue that must be mentioned is the newly built Arena Armeec Hall, which accommodates the most popular events in the city during last several years.

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