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The Bulgarian Ski Resorts: for Ultimate Skiing Experience

Bulgaria was a member of the communist bloc till the dismantling of the Berlin wall. It is medium sized country west of the Black sea. Endowed with plenty of mountains, which become snow covered during winter. It is therefore no wonder skiing as a winter sport is very popular and Bulgarian resorts for skiing attract international tourists, interested in spending their holidays at ski resorts. Bulgaria has got several ski resorts at different mountain ranges, which are all at various elevations. All of them have been developed to attract tourists, but 3or4 of them have developed as the favorites of the most skiers. Borovets, Pamporovo and Bansko are the most famous and popular international ski resorts of Bulgaria.


Borovets is the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria attracting international tourism for skiing. The resort is located 1350 meters above sea level, on the Northern slopes of Rila Mountain. The highest pistes are at 2600meters. Set in beautiful scenery of pinewood at the foot of Mousala peak which is at an altitude of 2900 meters. It is the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula. Borovets is only 70kilometers from Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria. It is 126 kilometers from Plodiv.
Pamporovo is a ski resort in the heart of the Rhodopi Mountain and it is very modern. The Rhodopi Mountain, which is known as the place of the mythical singer Orpheus situated at an altitude of 1650meters, Pamporovo is located at the foot of Snejanka peak. The peak is at an altitude 1926meters. Pomporovo is famous because snow is present throughout the season, giving tremendous enjoyment to skiers, though not as near to Sofia as Borovets, Pomporovo is only 85 kilometers from Plodiv. You have to travel 240kilometers from Sofia.
Bansko, a well known ski resorts for Bulgarian has started attracting international tourists only recently. Apart from being a ski center it has an attractive feature of being surrounded by the Pirin Mountain. It evokes a small town atmosphere. It is situated at an altitude of 925meters above sea level and pistes skiing are between 2000meters to 2500meters above sea level. Bansko has also historic connection apart from being a popular ski resorts.
Apart from the above three world famous ski resorts, the Bulgarian mountains are dotted with a number of ski resorts of varying importance and attractiveness. Each one of them has special feature. For example, Vitosha at 1800meters above sea level is the highest ski resort of Bulgaria and also the nearest to Sofia which is only 10kilometers from Sofia. The special feature of Vitosha is that it ski resort in winter and good for trekking in summer. However, the weather is unpredictable. It has also the distinction of two biosphere reserves. Their highest peak is at 2290meters and pistes are right under it. Other less known ski resorts are Chepepare, Malyovitsa, Tsigov Chark, and Semkova. Each one has a particular piece of attraction. Main among them are pine tree forest, green meadows, and mineral springs etc.

Bulgaria Ski Holidays

All the ski resorts in Bulgaria have good infra structure facility. They are all accessible from Sofia and are also located near one or the other important cities. All types of accommodation including five–star are available. Even the cheapest hotel provides clean rooms and beds and healthy atmosphere. Food is also not very costly. All in all, it can be said that Bulgaria is blessed with one of the best Ski resorts facility in Europe.

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