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Bulgarian Food & Cuisine

Gourmets have long since esteemed the merits of Bulgarian cuisine with the verdict that it is tasty, spicy and varied, appealing to one and all. Indeed, who would not enjoy the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, juicy meat, grilled or served with piquant sauces, mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, simmered slowly on low heat, the "Banitsa" (cheese pie) that simply melts in your mouth, and famous Bulgarian yogurt!
The Bulgarian culinary geography abounds in delicious specialties and exotic dishes: Bansko-style kapama (meat and vegetables stewed in an earthenware dish), Rhodope cheverme ( lamb roasted on a spit over an open fire), Thracian katmi (a special kind of pancake) and Dobroudjanska banitsa, Danube fish soup and Sozopol-style mussels. The cozy, typically Bulgarian folk-style restaurants will tempt everyone with Shopska salad and chilled grape brandy, stuffed vine leaves or peppers, kavarma the Miller's Way, monastery-style hotchpotch, moussaka and kebab. The smell of oven-fresh bread rolls is mixed with the fragrance of savory. Thinly sliced loukanka (flat dry sausage) from Smyadovo, pastarma, feta and yellow cheese are temptingly arranged on traditional ceramic plates.

Bulgarian Cuisine

Bulgarian Wines & Drinks


Together with France, Spain, Italy and Greece, Bulgaria is one of the world's largest and best wine producers. The Bulgarian white and red wines such as Gumza, Dimiat, Pamid, Cabernet, Muscat, Misket, Mavrud, Riesling and Melnik are very popular among the connoisseurs.
Traditionally, Bulgaria boasts five specialized wine-growing regions: South Bulgaria - famous for its red wines, North Bulgaria for white wine. The Black Sea area is also an important viticulture region, with Bourgas, Pomorie and Varna as its three main centers. The smallest viticultural are in Bulgaria is the region around Melnik - very popular for its full-bodied red wine.

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