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Bulgaria has a wealth of national parks open to the visitors, and there is always a friendly and knowledgeable guide on hand.
Some parks have special nature reserves for which a permit must be asked for in advance.
The accommodation offered by the cosy hotels, hunting lodges and private homes in the mountains is particularly in tune with the overall convivial atmosphere to be found in the mountains, and there is plenty of opportunity to book in advance if necessary (see the Bulgaria Skiing & Snowboarding and Bulgarian Mountains pages for detailed Mountain destinations info).
Should you prefer to be nearer nature, camping is allowed within the perimeters of the chalets.

    Rila National Park
    Pirin National Park
    Vitosha National Park
    Vratchansky Balkan National Park
    Central Balkan National Park
    Sinite Kamani National Park
    Shoumen Plateau National Park
    Roussenski Lom National Park
    Golden Sands National Park
    Strandzha National Park



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