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BANSKO - year-round resort, 2019 - 2020


Crazy week, with jazz, pop, ethno during the day and at night. Free concerts are in the square and in the chamber scenes in the restaurants. For details, see: https: //www.visit-bansko.bg Bikes and moto treks, crosses, mountain routes, sports competitions, free tennis courts, football pitches await the fans of the active holiday. For details: https: //mybansko.net The World Ski Awards in Kitzbühel has repeatedly given the city the leading spot for a Bulgarian ski resort. It is a festival capital on the Balkans, with its bells, Kuker Carnival, Ballet Fest, Folklore Magic, Bansko Film Fest, Bansko Opera Festival, Snow Cinema . Nearby hotels are distinguished by their exceptional hospitality.For inquiries, bookings:https://www.bulgaria-trips.info/hotels.htm.

BOROVETS - current events

RILA HOLIDAY-03-04 August 2019

Mass Walk to Musala Peak Rila RUN Marathon Running-August 11 Boro Rock 2019-31 August at the same time -Adventure Sky RUN 2019, Borovets open cup 2019 - The International Downhill Cycling Race will take place on the Scary Movie -Borovets Mountain Bik Park, between 13-15 September. Event details at: https://www.borovets-bg.com; Accommodation: https://www.bulgaria-trips.info/hotels.htm.

Pamporovo - Bike Fest, 2019 (June-September)

The Bike Season opens in June with a round of IXS Downhill Cup, with two rounds of Downhill series of Vivacom and a round of the Bulgarian Enduro series. The resort's coat of arms has specially developed routes for the Forcros, downhill, for beginners and beginner athletes . There are bicycle and bicycle wardrobes. A new route connects the two bikes between Chepelare and Pamporovo. It is good news that excellent marking accompanies the Mechi chal-Pamporovo and the other through the Pamporovo dam, the Orpheus rocks and Snezhanka peak. Inform yourself beforehand about the offered bikes and combined lift cards. Emotional summer experiences!

Rojen-Sabor for Bulgarian Folklore-19-21 July, 2019

Overtaking, whistling, playing out, the spirit, the beat, the culinary arts, the crafts will spread as always in the Rhodopi meadows. For details: https://www.pamporovo.me,

Pamporovo bicycle


International Music Festival Varna Summer-2019, (June-September)

In addition to symphony, chamber music, opera and ballet, it includes performances of the Music Summer Academy of Master Classes, the International Symposium "Vitality: Baroque to the 21st Century", a concert program with the International Theater Festival, parallel theater shows, exhibitions, films, conferences , the performances of artists from around the world. The virtual opening of a module: symphonic and chamber music will make the Varna Philharmonic Orchestra and Benjamin Schmidt with Paganini. In September (13th) the trumpeter Romen Lelyo will close the festival with the series Bach mentions ". For details, see: https://www.varnasummerfest.org
The "Love is craziness" movie festival is expecting this year's fans from 24 August to 2 September. The program includes over 50 films and the traditional selection of award-winning films from International Film Festivals.

World Festival of Animated Film 2019 (September 13-17)

Via Pontica International Art Festival - Balchik 11-17 September

If you are staying in Varna or the Albena resort and have fun with beach and spa therapies. Here are some ideas to diversify with small transitions nearby, to the archaeological reserves Pliska, Madara, Preslav. The unspoiled rock relief of the Madara Rider is a unique human creation in the world. is the cultural and historical heritage of Unesco. The nymph cave still has its niches, its drips and spring water. Unparalleled rock-steppe nature on the Madara Plateau, with over 70 species of rare and vanishing plants, birds and in r O p erations remains unexplored good but worth felt. The yard of Cyrillic in Pliska is a new attraction in the old place. In Preslav you can see valuable exhibits: the monumental ceramic icon of St. Theodore, the golden treasure with ornaments, the graffiti-drawings, the specific, painted ceramics, the Golden Church.

"Apollonia" Art Festivals in Sozopol, 29 August-07 September 2019

Glamping "Gora" near Sozopol follows the new fashion in the campsite to add more luxurious services. The results for him are more than positive.

Cultural tourism

Old Town

Photo by sozopol.freebg.eu

Biennial of Humor and Satire - Gabrovo, 17 May - 30 September 2019

The exhibition is after the World Contest and includes 150 authors from 44 countries, there is a competition for "Suffering" exhibition for the smallest exhibitions in the park. For participation and visits, enter the facebook: biennial.humorhouse.bg


Adventure tourism in the Western Rhodopes

Devin, Trigrad, Dospat Dam are territories that offer unconventional emotions. Trekking, cycling, climbing, horseback riding, off-road, wildlife photography, fishing are just some of the offers for active holiday in the region.On the panoramic site "Eagle eye" such as a bird above the Buynovsko Gorge and the mountain ridges. Extremely fast cars will take you up to the peak of St. Iliya. Beyond the Trigrad Gorge you will see rare bird species, Imperial eagles, raptors. Before that you will climb the Via Ferra to the special site. Besides rare birds, you will find over 330 species of rare plants. A unique attraction is the local dam, which is filled with an underwater spring. Over 450 species of butterflies live in the reserve. The native phenomena "Yagodinska Cave", Devil's Throat, Orpheus Chalet , the landslide lakes, the drunken forest, the 10-kilometer stone arch "Prevaletat Kamak" and the unique Rhodope cuisine are filled with incredible experiences. For details and references: https://www.zapadnirodopi.com
For accommodation see: https://www.bulgaria-trips.info/hotels

Mountain destination, Orlovo oko

West Rhodopi

Photo by zapadnirodopi.com


Why to see Perperikon?

Is the sanctuary of Dionysus? Is there his famous altar of divination of the future? There is an altar. There are studies, hypotheses, finds, facts, legends. The 8000-year-old idols, opioids, trance, show that the sanctuary is older than the Egyptian pyramids. The glorious ruler's throne with the phallus, the found heads of a dragon and a cobra with rich ornaments in a posture attack are related to the Thracian deities. The sanctuary is worth seeing. The Thracian sanctuary near Tatul is no less impressive. In the town of Kardzhali is the Historical Museum with interesting exhibits. See the site: https://www.perperikon.bg
The spring of the river Arda is near the Rhodope village near the border with Greece. The ecopath will take you there. According to the local legends here was the famous Khoja Nasreddin. The beautiful sights and places for a bivouac near the Studen Kladenets dam and the canyon of the river Arda meters wide and 30 meters deep) is a place for kayaking lovers.

Saint Dimitri's Day 2019

(26th October 2019, Bulgaria)

Saint Dimitri's Day, from the Bulgarian folk calendar celebrates the beginning of winter season - Saint Dimitri is the patron of winter and snow. The event is popular throughout the entire country and according to a belief, at midnight as the day begins, the sky will open and the first snowfall will start.
This is also the last day of a traditional space of time (from Saint George's day to St Dimitri's Day) for seasonal workers, such as shepherds, farmers and others; and is also popular as "Razpous" (Dismissal).
Of course, no Bulgarian folk fest would be complete without some culinary obligations, so if you are about to celebrate the winter in a traditional way, your table will be folding under the weight of popular Bulgarian delights.

Bulgaria Hotels

There are various types of hotels in Bulgaria including luxury beach/spa/ski hotels, inns, guest houses, chalets, many of the world-wide known hotel chains, etc...
Bulgaria hotels range from 1 star to 5 star, but the majority of them and those most visited are 3 and 4 stars. Every hotel room is equipped with the general amenities including television, AM/FM radio, telephone, iron and ironing board, and etc. Some hotels offer free Wireless internet in the room while others charge a fee. The hotel can also have recreational facilities such as ping pong, biking, swimming pool and playground. The hotel apartment is a serviced apartment. Instead of renting a room, travelers rent the whole apartment.
Bulgaria spa hotels offer all the basic room facilities just like the standard hotels. However, the spa hotels have a spa treatment facility that keeps you rejuvenated from the daily stress. Examples of spa treatment offered at the spa facilities include thalasso therapy, massages, mineral baths, sauna, paraffin therapy and etc.
Bulgaria inns are smaller than the high rise building hotel. It contains lesser facilities than the hotel. It is usually cheaper because of the lack of facility. If you are a budget traveler, you can stay at the inns.
Bulgaria ski resorts are hotels that are located nearby to skiing locations. All Bulgarian ski resorts have rental centers where you can rent ski equipments such as skiing suits, ski and snowboards.

Browse over 5000 hotels in Bulgaria by city/resort name here.

Bulgarian Ski Resorts Snow Levels And Skiing Conditions Reports. Bulgaria Ski Holidays Winter Season 2019 - 2020

Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Chepelare and Vitosha Mountain above the capital city of Sofia are all closed for the season. We will continue with regular news and reports on the skiing conditions of the Bulgarian ski destinations with winter season 2019 / 2020.
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