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Bulgaria Upcoming Festivals, Events and Tourist Attractions 2018

Sofia International Book Fair 2018

Spring bazaar of the book - ( 29th May - 3th June 2018)

Alley of the book in Varna - ( 27th July - 5th August 2018)

Sofia International Book Fair - ( 11th - 16th December 2018)

Sofia International Literary Festival ( 11th - 16th December 2018)

The Bulgarian Book Association carries out its annual International Book Fair at The National Palace of Culture in Sofia - the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe, where more than hundred publishing houses from both Bulgaria and around the globe, gather to present the latest books and authors. Usualy, there are publishers from Great Britan,France, Germany,Greece,Macedonia,Russia,China,USA,etc. The Sofia International Book Fair has been held every year since `68 and nowadays it attracts thousands visitors from Bulgaria as well from across the world. Check out our hotels in Sofia for excellent accommodation during the fair at & https://www.bulgaria-trips.info/Sofia/sofia.html

World Art Print 2018

(June - September 2018, /weekends only/ Lessedra Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria)

Each year one can go to the Lessedra gallery in Sofia in order to witness the World Art Print Annual. This big exhibition aims at collecting contemporary artists from around the world in order to make a progress at research into paper, inks and other materials used in printmaking. More information can be found at gallery's official website - https://www.lessedra.com & Sofia cultural tourism & sights

Varna Mega Rock 2018

This grand rock fest is taking place on 18th and 19th August. Worldwide known bands and performers including Nightwish, Glenn Hughes, Apocalyptica, as well as the local bands Kikimora , B.T.R. and many others are going to rock the Varna's stage this summer. The exact place of the event is Port Varna.

Dance festival "Horo in the skirts of Pirin"

(1st - 2nd ) July 2018

Taking place in the marvelous town of Sandanski, this exciting event includes two separate parts: a festival and a contest. Good news! Everyone who would like to check out their ability to dance Bulgarian traditional dances is welcome on stage.

For more details just click: https://www.sandanskibg.com


International folklore festival "Pirin folk", August 2018

(24th -26th August 2018)

On the account of its great capacity and its noble ambition to distinguish authentic Bulgarian folklore, over the years this festival has gained a reputation for being an authoritative and highly-respected cultural event. Besides the contest for performance, which has been gaining larger and larger popularity, the contest, for writing and composing authentic Macedonian songs, is becoming popular likewise.

For further information just click: https://www.pirinfolk.com/bg

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Trigrad Bulgaria Rhodopes
Bulgarian historical sights & cultural tourism

Tourism in Bulgaria

(Fire-walking rituals in Strandzha mountain village Balgari, 3rd -4th June 2018)

As it has been for years, in this year too, the Thracian fire-walking rituals passed down from generation to generation, are going to stun the spectators with its mysterious shamanic techniques. Setting their pace in rhythm with the drum's beats and enigmatic bagpipes the firewalkers, locally called nestinari, will fall into a deep trance and will invoke holy spirits of higher dimensions. Only the purest souls are gifted with the ability to get in contact with particular spiritual patrons and to have epiphanies while dancing. Carrying the icons of St. Constantine and St.Helen, and walking barefoot over the glowing-red coals, those mystical dancers will utter enchantments, spells and prayers calling for prosperity, health and fertility. It's an event that is not to be missed. It takes place on Saint Constantine and Saint Helen's day in the village of Balgari, Burgas province.

But should you have planned a longer stay in the area of Strandzha mountain you'd better take advantage of your proximity to the landmarks of this region. Visiting the sites listed here is but a must: the rock sanctuary Beglik Tash, Petrova niva site, and the sanctuary of Bastet. According to the modern believes the last one is a sepulchre of the Egyptian cat-headed goddess Bastet. She is usually depicted holding a lazar sword whose energy rays point towards the sky. Although the sanctuary has not been completely investigated and analyzed yet, it still attracts visitors across the globe.

The season now is particularly suitable for arranging ornithological trips across Strandzha mountain. National Park Strandzha is home to 283 species of birds, many of which are protected or critically endangered to extinct. Along the bank of the Veleka river one can enjoy watching a great variety of feathered friends such as: eagles, storks, herons, cormorants, pelicans, bee-eaters, you name it. Since early spring, up to October thousands of birds are in constant motion here. You can see them circling above, hovering, hunting in the area or going back and forth along the migration route Via Pontica. A traced tourists route provides excellent spots for birdwatching. It follows the right bank of the Veleka river reaching the remarkably beautiful mouth of the river near to the village of Sinemorets. One of a kind experience is guaranteed.

Along the Veleka river's bed are sitting another two natural gems-the reservations of Silkosya and Uzunbodjak. The picturesque beauty of a lagoon and a sandy bank formed by the river over the centuries can take your breath away. In that unspoiled and natural habitat one can explore rare plant life such as a water lily, a marsh snowdrop, an alder tree, a bamboo tree, etc.


Bulgarian historical sights & cultural tourism

Sapareva Banya and The Seven Rila Lakes - August 2018

Only 75 km away from Sofia is situated a magic place which has the capacity of surprising even one's wildest expectations when it comes to alpine trips, stunning views and mineral waters.

The only existing geyser in Europe, whose temperature reaches over 103o is right there, in Sapareva Banya. That is one of the most therapeutic thermal mineral waters on the continent. It can heal wide range of ailments. In the village of Sapareva Banya and its surrounding are clusters of hotels, guest houses, hostels, many of which offer rehabilitation therapy treatments based on mineral water. According to the exceptionally favourable feedback given by tourists so far, that mineral water possesses magic healing powers. But the trip doesn't stop here - it is right in the heart Sapareva Banya from where starts one of the nationwide known mountain hiking routes which reaches almost the top of Rila mountain. For those who might not be happy climbing the steep and winding paths there is a chairlift leading straight to The Seven Rila Lakes site.

Every summer this clean and mystical alpine area brings together followers, disciples and sympathizers of the worldwide known spiritual movement The Universal White Brotherhood. Those around this movement claim that following its doctrine ensures good overall physical health, spiritual purity, psychic balance and elevation of mind. Every year in August, that community commemorates the passing of the summer and beginning of their Sun New Year. One of the most magnificent and enigmatic is the sacred dance called Dance of Life or Paneurhythmy. It is performed literally on the mountain top and pays tribute to the movement of all planets and stars. The steps and the graceful pattern of movements followed by the dancers is proven to enhance body functions and coordination. The tunes pouring out while the crowd is dancing are known to be profound and soothing, benefitting human memory, enlightening one's thought, inspiring, and most of all setting human mind in tune with the supreme universe's mind. They claim that this very place has been a spiritual centre since the dawn of humankind. As for the community of the White Brotherhood, strange but true, all the members treat each other in a very kind and brotherly way despite being perfect strangers sometimes. As far as accommodation is concerned, the mountain settlement Panichishte as well as a good number of huts, chalets and hotels are spread around in walking distance, waiting for their guests.

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Sapareva banya Geyser


Tourist hut "Seven Rila Lakes"

Hut Seven Rila Lakes

Lake "The Twin"

Hut Seven Rila Lakes


Saint Dimitri's Day 2018

(26th October 2018, Bulgaria)

Saint Dimitri's Day, from the Bulgarian folk calendar celebrates the beginning of winter season - Saint Dimitri is the patron of winter and snow. The event is popular throughout the entire country and according to a belief, at midnight as the day begins, the sky will open and the first snowfall will start.
This is also the last day of a traditional space of time (from Saint George's day to St Dimitri's Day) for seasonal workers, such as shepherds, farmers and others; and is also popular as "Razpous" (Dismissal).
Of course, no Bulgarian folk fest would be complete without some culinary obligations, so if you are about to celebrate the winter in a traditional way, your table will be folding under the weight of popular Bulgarian delights.

Bulgaria Hotels

There are various types of hotels in Bulgaria including luxury beach/spa/ski hotels, inns, guest houses, chalets, many of the world-wide known hotel chains, etc...
Bulgaria hotels range from 1 star to 5 star, but the majority of them and those most visited are 3 and 4 stars. Every hotel room is equipped with the general amenities including television, AM/FM radio, telephone, iron and ironing board, and etc. Some hotels offer free Wireless internet in the room while others charge a fee. The hotel can also have recreational facilities such as ping pong, biking, swimming pool and playground. The hotel apartment is a serviced apartment. Instead of renting a room, travelers rent the whole apartment.
Bulgaria spa hotels offer all the basic room facilities just like the standard hotels. However, the spa hotels have a spa treatment facility that keeps you rejuvenated from the daily stress. Examples of spa treatment offered at the spa facilities include thalasso therapy, massages, mineral baths, sauna, paraffin therapy and etc.
Bulgaria inns are smaller than the high rise building hotel. It contains lesser facilities than the hotel. It is usually cheaper because of the lack of facility. If you are a budget traveler, you can stay at the inns.
Bulgaria ski resorts are hotels that are located nearby to skiing locations. All Bulgarian ski resorts have rental centers where you can rent ski equipments such as skiing suits, ski and snowboards.

Browse over 5000 hotels in Bulgaria by city/resort name here.

Bulgarian Ski Resorts Snow Levels And Skiing Conditions Reports. Bulgaria Ski Holidays Winter Season 2018 - 2019

Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Chepelare and Vitosha Mountain above the capital city of Sofia are all closed for the season. We will continue with regular news and reports on the skiing conditions of the Bulgarian ski destinations with winter season 2018 / 2019.
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